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Hello and Welcome to Divine Essence Therapies

In just a short while you will discover our wonderful modalites (services) on offer, plus what drives our passions and makes our hearts sing.  Thank you for visiting and look forward to meeting you soon.  Namaste, Frances

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of country

Acknowledgement of Country

I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians, the elders, past, present and emerging of the land on which I am able to live and work.

It is the Yugambeh people of Wangerriburras territory, whose land, wind and water I have access to.

I recognize the loss of land, people, children, culture and treasures that they have endured at the hand of my (our) ancestors.

I venture forward with respect, understanding, compassion and the willingness to see and acknowledge the past and a desire to create a positive present and future together.

Thank you.

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Our sessions can be in Person, online or remote, with clients all over the world.
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Who we are and what we are passionate about

Click on the video to your right to be introduced to our practice and philosophies

Hi, meet Frances...

“To know yourself as the being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” – Eckhart Tolle


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Create peace with your inner world

Our aim is to empower you back into your life, so that you can regain your true self, show you how to release burdens, worries, fears and anxiety, that has caused your suffering.

Happy is what our soul's truth is, beyond the life experiences we have been contracted and constricted by, we can regain joy, peace and love, and get your happy back.

We have a unique ability to identify and resolve those issues in the way of that, bringing them to peace, so they no longer hinder your emotional state of being.


modalities of proven ability

Over my many years as a practitioner, it has become clear to me that we all need a little something to help us resolve our inner conflicts with our life experiences. 

What is offered here at Divine Essence Therapies are proven to help.


We all want; To be happy, To feel & express love, To experience Joy and to have Freedom.... and of course to feel at peace within.


With many tried and tested therapies, we have decided to offer the ones that have really made some difference to one's experience.  These modalities in this clinic have become our go-to choices for the majority of cases.

The tools available today are extensive, so it can be difficult to search through it all.    So, take a moment of faith and give us a try.  You will be pleased you did.


SESSIONS can be for individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

Our practitioners are BLUE CARD registered also.



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certified reiki training clinic


We are very proud of our Reiki Certified Training Provider and Clinic Status.  For many years we have developed our training modules to now exceed industry standards.  We offer genuine, certificated training with excellent trainers.  See our Reiki Page for more information.  Thanks

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genuine Testimonials

...It's like you sing the song back to me

when I have forgotten the words...


A big thank you to lovely Reiki Master Frances Munro. I just attained my Reiki Master Attunement under the guidance and ever so caring watchful eye of Frances. It was a beautiful personal experience. Frances was kind, attentive, compassionate, consoling and informative.  The one on one approach certainly worked well for me and I would highly recommend Frances to anyone contemplating to start or continue with their spiritual journey 🕉🙏

Thanks again Frances and thumbs up for the best quiche in town too! 

                                                                 - Deb QLD

What can I say about Frances @ Divine Essence Therapies I’m so thankful a friend recommended her to me about 6-7 years.

I love everything about how you work, your heart, compassion and so genuine care when working with dealing with such raw and sensitive matters. The healing you provide through your versatility of skill is astounding. I don’t have enough words to truly describe what positive impact and change you’ve had on my life. My life has been completely transformed knowing you and all of the wonderful healing work you do. Thank you

                                                                                                                                   - Cheryl QLD

Frances is an incredibly powerful and talented healer. Highly recommend!!!

                                                                                     Liz, CANADA

Frances is very genuine, kind and loving . She allows you to be yourself and feel very comfortable with being uncomfortable, holding a beautiful safe space . Frances has been through it and is now helping others heal through their own stuff !

She is also very talented, intuitive and connected which makes it easy to get to the bottom of what is going on .

I would highly recommend her

                                                                  - Juliette QLD

I have been blessed to receive the support counselling and healing of Frances for about 8 years now. Everything that she does, from her Reiki to holistic counselling to family constellation work to gorgeous natural candles to relationship guidance to the special spiritual healing she offers, everything is truly priceless.

She has supported me through some of the most challenging and heart wrenching times of my life, and helped me to reach a place of true acceptance peace and growth. She has held space for my biggest messiest and most painful vulnerable feelings, with nothing but pure love safety and compassion. She has helped me remember self love in moments where I did not even like myself, and taught me practical tools of self care that I will use for the rest of my life. She has shone light for me in moments where I saw nothing but darkness, and helped me remember my own light.

Not only is she full of deep and profound wisdom and intuition, but more importantly she is someone who will guide you to find your OWN inner truth and wisdom. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without the work I have done with Frances, she has not made me somebody different, but she has helped me to be more fully ME and to align with my own soul and purpose.

If you are looking for someone to save you or do your work for you then Frances is not for you. But if you are looking for someone who will remind you how to save yourself and be your own hero, then you are in the right place. 

                                                                                 Elle - QLD

This training has changed my life... put me on the right path and set me up for success...


Full testimonial on Reiki Page


Hi Frances,

Thankyou so much for an amazing day.

I’m so glad and blessed that I found you.

Your an incredible teacher, and I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and knowledge .

You felt like a rainbow waterfall washing over me with your lessons in Reiki.

I’m very honoured to be one of your students , and will honour your teachings ...

                                                                                                   - Wendy  NSW

I don't normally do testimonies but I had to do this one to thank Frances. I get bad panic attacks, in fact, I had one on the way to see her. I just can't do motorways. I was just about to hop on at Smith Street and had to pull over and let my mum drive the motorway. Frances talked me through with tapping therapy and then we went into where my anxiety comes from. I had to try it out on the motorway home and not once did I feel as though I was going to lose it.  This is such a big thing for me. I now feel I'm more confident to face my fears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Frances.


Deanne  - on holiday from New Zealand

Frances is an amazing healer who has provided me with holistic insights and helped release non serving energies.

After receiving deep healings from Frances I always feel much more balanced and settled. Frances has aided my mental and spiritual growth in a nurturing environment - kind, gentle and loving.


                                                                         - Karen USA/QLD

Frances is everything you want to help you in so many different ways, meet her and find out for yourself

                                                                                          - Mieke  QLD

I highly recommend Frances and her beautiful, deep yet gentle healing work. She has helped me with PTSD. Thank you Frances

                                                    -Tea  NEW ZEALAND

'I recently attended Frances's Training and Attunement to Level 2 Reiki workshop.


I can only say it was a beautiful day filled with insight, compassion and knowledge and I came away feeling uplifted and satisfied with the spiritual healing of Reiki.


The follow up Reiki Share Days are a wonderful way to practise your healing skills on each other in a relaxed, comfortable and inspirational atmosphere.


I recommend Frances with her gifts of spirituality to anyone wishing to add this dimension to their lives.'


Marion, QLD

“At a time where I was not sure on my direction, where I was seeking guidance, Frances allowed me to seek answers from my own spirit and continue to travel on my journey.

Frances made me feel at home, comfortable where it felt like I was talking to a close friend/family.

I have no hesitation in recommending Frances to anyone seeking spiritual guidance or looking for clarity in life’s grand pathway”.  

Nate - QLD

Frances is an incredibly connected and powerful healer and therapist, who will guide and support you to be the best YOU that you can be. She holds a very gentle loving space, with just the right amount of challenge to keep you growing on your soul path

                                                                     - El  QLD

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thank you

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Divine Essence Therapies

Be Happy, Feel Joy, Have Freedom, Experience Love, Be at Peace

*Look for Me as Guest Speaker at Alternative Healing Summit
June 25th to 28th   Frances Munro
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