A story of freshness


Exciting changes...

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to explore our pages of information, fun and service offerings.


We are excited to share with you some upgrades to our current ways we service your needs, and a fresh new approach to delivering these services.

With our well-established businesses, "Healing Wings of Light", and "Divine Essence Therapies" (over 18 years combined experience) our fresh new approach gives service options like never before.

We can work together;

* In person

* via Zoom or Skype

* over the Phone

* or a Mobile service (come to you) if required

We are focused on the growing, and expanding need for our community, to have easy access to modalities that assist us in life, in many great ways, to resolve or bring peace to the past, so that one can enjoy a completely new look on life, bringing things back, such as joy and happiness, that sounds great right!

We can also help you find and be on the right path for your soul purpose and clear any clutter that gets in the way of being your truth.  

A little about my background:

I have worked through a deep transformation, that has seen me resolve deep traumas of my past and regain a life that I could only ever have dreamed of before that. 


Through my extensive training and search, I have tools that helped me resolve this earlier conflict, which in turn has inspired me, to share what I have learnt and teach what practices I know work, so others can feel whole as well.

I have many clients who can attest to this, as you will see when you read the testimonials on the home page  when you scroll down.

I invite you to join me on a life changing journey together, as we genuinely make your life better.  Book now, you will impact your life in a positive way by doing so!


Thank you, and I greatly look forward to us working together shortly.



our wonderful modalities

  • Simplifying what we carry



    Whether we are aware or not, we may have acquired much of our ancestors & parents beliefs, patterning, burdens and more, that are now influencing our very capacity for peace in our life... here we explore the pulls of these influences that take us away from our true desires and purpose, then release them.

    This helps us then to rediscover who we are, and whom we want to be in life.  (surprisingly, we often are representing someone else first before ourselves...)

    The field shows us the often hidden loyalties that keep us trapped in old patterning that doesn't serve us, and a great many other things as well.

    This work is often described as profound and offers the enquirer dynamic shifts for the better. 

    Join us for an exploration of these influences in your life now so you may realize your truth beyond these beliefs.


  • Energy healing & clearing


    Relax, unwind and de-stress... you are about to have a wonderful uplifting experience.  Reiki is a delightful way to release blocks and inhibited energy, often held in pain or disease of the body.  It is a gentle, yet effect treatment that allows the bodies natural healing ability to be stimulated and enhanced.  For any treatment, it is recommended to be hydrated first, so that any toxins that may be gently released are easily passed through the bodies natural channels.

    Often people experience deep relaxation, uplifting energy or peaceful releasing of old pain.  We are very familiar with all of these things so please feel open to express any emotions here, as this is deeply healing in itself.




  • Let't talk about that...


    We often need to share our deeper inner thoughts, feelings or experiences with someone, but don't want to burden others, or feel it might make someone judge them differently or even respond negatively to this.

    Here at Divine Essence, our experienced staff are free from judgement and offer a genuine shoulder to cry on, or just a simple talk about anything that may be bothering you about your situation.  

    What makes us different to mainstream counselling is our use of additional tools that may help with things such as Anxiety, Depression, Grief and much more.

    We believe that not everybody fits the same mold, so we offer these tools as a way to manage and address these experiences in a proactive, empowering way. 

    Whatever the case, we are happy to sit down and listen to you in our warm and friendly environment.


  • Tap yourself into freedom...

    EFT (Tapping)

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping, is a phenomenal tool in releasing, relieving and diminishing unwanted emotional extremities, such as fear and anxiety.  It is easy to use and easy to learn, plus can be used at anytime for just about anything.  We are a huge advocate for this tool, as it has the power to get in deep to the core of an issue in only a short while and release it.

    It is recommended however that any treatments that involve more highly charged emotions are also supported with other therapies, such as counselling, to ensure you're supported sufficiently.

    You can find many studies on the internet nowadays about EFT that have shown significant changes in clients anxiety levels, even with PTSD, so much so that it has been adopted in many mainstream practices now also.

    For further information on this, please contact our clinic.


  • Just 4 simple questions to freedom..


    I love Byron Katies work, she developed a simple formula for some profound shift in our patterns of thinking and breaking down the power of negative thoughts.  This is an easy to use formula that can release you from negative thinking ... the thought in essence lets go of you.  This also empowers the client, as they can readily use this anywhere, on their own and truly find peace.

    We use this therapy instead of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) that is common in mainstream counseling.

    Once learnt, you will find it a very useful tool.

  • Be your best with these simple tools of interaction...


    Empowerment comes out of being validated and heard.  Where we feel respected, and an opposing option can be delivered in a non-judgemental way.

    We all have many thoughts and opinions in life, so it is easy to see how we can find contrast to our own, and in some cases, then conflict.

    So many of our interactions with others relies on good communication skills.  We all want to get heard, and we all want our needs met.

    Often we make common mistakes in this communication that evidently can create conflict.  The skills learned here will give you some sound basics to guide you through, that will enable you to have a better way of getting heard and potentially getting your needs met, without creating a world of conflict in the process.

    Simply put, we can really identify the need trying to get met for both parties and find amicable solutions.  It comes down to how we speak these truths and guidelines for receiving information too.   This is great for couples, families and of course individuals.

  • Putting the pieces back together


    Trauma, shock, sudden experiences and illness, operations, disease, all are something we may experience in life.  Often these situation are very hard to reconcile in the moment, and due to this, a soul piece is fragmented away from you.  These pieces hold the trauma or event that happened, and has not yet been processed in the rest of your body and mind.  It can take some time for these pieces to return, and in a number of cases, they stay away, not yet comfortable to return to you for a number of reasons.

    This work has two main focuses, the first being the most important, is to build resources of self up, so that the foundation for these pieces can return home and be supported.

    The second focus, is bringing them back and resolving what is needed to reintergrate back with yourself.

    This work takes a little time, particularly for trauma work, as the resourcing is the essential first step.  Once the process is learnt, clients are empowered and encouraged to continue this work for themselves, with ongoing support available of course if needed. 

  • Running the Bars heals & restores


    Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

  • Universal healing at its best


    Music is the purest form of our language, it speaks both softly and extensively to our soul.  In many cultures and through much research on the subject, we have found our bodies also operate at various frequencies that correlate to us then feeling whole once aligned. 

    You might be interested to learn that, for example, our heart chakra resonates with the key F, and when played will help align itself back to its truer note.  

    Due to the location of my clinic, only gentle sound therapy practices are possible, my Elfen Chimes are a delicate instrument that helps align the body back into balance.  It will drop you deep into relaxation while the gentle chimes do their good work, to find once reawakened, a sense of deeper peace and wholeness returns.

  • Peace of the Mind...


    The age old, tried and tested ritual of meditation, is, and always will be, a strong contender for one of lifes better practices, that assist us in our peace and wellbeing status.  There is much I can say on the benefits of this ancient technique, yet, what is most important is that we find a time, somewhere on a regular basis, to stop and be present and quiet inside, so that we may regain our focus into life and know our pathway is right.

    Whether it is a guided meditation or a simple quiet moment, or a walking mediation, or similar, peace begins to be more and more available, the more you make time for this experience.  The choice is and always will be yours.

    We are also currently part of the Be Healthy & Active Program with the Scenic Rim Council, so Every Thursday 9am to 10.30am we have a meditation class that suits all levels of practice.

    Cost is $5 during school term and 

    $12 during school holidays.


  • Colour, movement, glorious exploration...


    Art is my go to place for exploring emotions, experiences and giving me a different perspective on things.  It is also something that I experience, on occasion as a way of messaging from universal light sources, sharing wisdom or sacredness.

    My intention with this space is to create a regular gathering of people wishing to experience art without restrictions to their craft... a free flowing exploration of how they really are and what they really want to say, without words, and just with colour and movement.

    NO ART EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED... as what I offer here is not about structure and technique, but something quite different.

    Additionally, once in a while, I will be offering painting experiences that are a combination of sound, dance, movement, colour and expression.  These are fun events and worthwhile for artists of all levels.

  • Time to Play and Create...


    There will be a number of different style workshops put on throughout the year.  

    Some will be healing in nature, whilst others will be to learn a specific skill, or work with a particular tool, or something from the creative arts side of things.

    Whatever the case, be assured that any event put on here will be worth the investment - and for you to get excited about.

    So watch our website or blog, facebook page and more, so we can keep you updated on coming events so you don't miss anything cool coming up.

  • Experience our unlimited potential...



    With over 16 years of studying and working in holistic and alternative therapies, I have learnt a thing or two in life.

    I have a great deal of modalties under my belt, many not mentioned above, such as Touch for health, biokinetics, both kinesiology branches, and Angel intuitive work (readings etc), Angelic shaman practitioner, rituals on death and dying, working with the spirit world and more.

    My connection with the oneness of all things and the great universal love and light that is within everything, is my great source of inspiration.

    I will often encourage your hearts to open to the oneness of life.  Perhaps through my experience I have moved closer to Buddhist teachings, as they have resonated more deeply with me.  However in saying that, I still have a strong connection with God, Jesus, the Saints, Angels and Dieties such as Ganesha, Buddha, Maitraya, Quan Yin, and the Brotherhood of Light, to name a few, and a great honouring of our ancestors, great mother earth and all those that have gone before us on this planet, creating the earth as we know it now.

    In all my years and teachings, many things have come and gone, however what stays with me always, is the knowing of a deeper love, emanating on this earth, for everyone.  No exception.  

    So, please always feel open to asking us anything... thank you. 


  • When there is more available that can serve you...



    We recognise that a healing journey needs to be supported holistically and in alignment to a persons path.  Sometimes this means other styles of healing may be recommended in conjunction with the work done here.

    This is to create the greatest support possible for you to get the results you need.

    We may also encourage mainstream assistance to ensure a  balanced approach is maintained during particularly deep work, such as trauma recovery.

Divine Essence Therapies

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