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Customer Care

We are a mindful clinic regarding the care of our customers, clients and staff.  

We adhere to strict policy guidelines on professional codes of conduct and resolutions.  

At any time you wish to discuss this with us, please feel free to contact the clinic principal regarding your query.  They can be easily contacted via our contact page.   


The aim of our Clinic is to provide a safe, ethical, fair workplace for all who attend.  We will not tolerate any behaviors that do not fit our work ethic.  Thank you.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and safety is important to us.  All collected information is kept in a locked, private space.

This ensures your confidentiality and privacy.


In relation to third-party banking, we will collect and use your email to advise you of your purchases, for the purpose of confirming successful completion.


Emails will be taken for further correspondence, such as a newsletter or follow up appointment confirmation.

Please advise us if you do not wish us to use your information in that manner.


We shall NEVER sell or share your information with anyone else.  This is a private clinic with no affiliations with marketing firms.  

Wholesale Inquiries

We provide our products on a wholesale basis to some other businesses that are congruent with our own.  If you feel you wish to provide our products to your customers, please contact us via email and we can discuss this further.  Thank you.


We recognise that on occasions people will book into events or sessions and subsequently find that they are unable to attend.


In this situation, we ask that you notify us of your need to cancel as soon as possible.


In the event you have to cancel your attendance, please notify us in writing to or phone Frances to discuss future options.  See our contact page for links directly to us.

As we have running and venue overhead costs, such as rent, client refreshments, plus other resources associated with running a business, along with our time in creating this space for you, we sadly have to retain an administration charge for anyone unable to come at short notice.


This also covers for the loss associated with not being able to fill this space at such short notice.


This fee is $50.  It is a Non-Refundable and Non Transferable portion of your session or workshop cost.



We will, however, accept an alternative person nominated by you in place of yourself.  A full fee is payable.


Payment Methods

Payment Methods


We accept the following payment methods;


- Direct Deposit


In some cases we may accept

Credit / Debit Cards - a 2.5% Fee applies.

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Divine Essence Therapies

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