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Usui Shiki Ryoho system

We are a Certified Reiki Training Provider & Clinic

We are listed with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies) as a certified training provider, and also with REIKI AUSTRALIA as a certified clinic.  To be certified, a high standard of material and tuition can be expected.

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Dr Mikao Usui

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Snap shot of what people are saying about this training...

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This training has changed my life... put me on the right path and set me up for success...


When looking for a Reiki Master it was of very high importance to me to find someone that was IICT/Reiki accredited. Immediately Frances stood out as the perfect choice.

From our very first conversation over the phone Frances made me feel comfortable as she was very warm and friendly and easy to connect with.

Having the first Reiki course as a one on one with Frances meant that I was receiving very specific training that was tailored to my needs. I was able to ask questions and go over anything that I needed clarification on. This training has changed my life. It has put me on the right path and has set me up for success in my own career and life in general.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my training sessions with Frances and always find her to be so very professional, knowledgeable and authentic. She has a way with people so you always feel comfortable and the training is delivered in a very enjoyable manner.

The regular ongoing support that Frances provides to her Reiki students with monthly catch up sessions is an integral part of developing her students knowledge and helping them develop their skills. Frances always shares invaluable information, techniques and new ideas with her students to help them develop their skills. From the very beginning Frances has always made herself available when I needed advice or clarification throughout my journey.

I trust Frances and have since recommended her to my family and friends and they too can not speak highly enough of Frances and her abilities to provide guidance and share information in a warm and easy to understand manner.

To date Frances continues to exceed my expectations and I feel so very blessed to have her in my life as a teacher and a friend.

Thank you Frances for playing such an important role in my life.


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The 3 Levels Of Reiki


SHODEN - Level 1

Japanese Translation:  Beginning Teachings


Shoden teaches how to practice healing the self and the basics about helping others. At this level the student is heading out on the path to self-discovery, this is just the beginning


OKUDEN - Level 2

Japanese Translation:  Inner Teachings


Okuden is where students learn three mantras and three symbols that aid in focusing the energy. At this level, you discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven, and Heart energy. There is the opportunity to develop a professional treatment practice from these teachings.



Japanese Translation:  Mystery Teachings


Shinpiden focuses on personal development and teaches the student how to perform attunements. At this level, you move into discovering more about the mysteries of life. How you relate to yourself and the universe. This can be practiced for the rest of your life and is always a personal practice which can develop into a professional teaching practice if you so desire.







There are also deeper philosophical understandings that are taught at each level, which will be explained in more details with the appropriate levels.  


Reiki is not religious.  Being attuned to Reiki does not entail any conversion or adoption of spiritual beliefs or practices from any religion or a particular set of beliefs.  There are principles shared that come from Buddhism teachings, these are offered only in the light of choice and free will and does not require any adoption of this dogma.

Reiki and other energy healing modes will harmonize with most spiritual belief systems that allow for the existence of energy work that work with free will and ethical practices that require permission at all times.

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui Founder of Reiki as we know it today

Mr Chujiro Hayashi

Mr Churjiro Hayashi

Mrs Hawayo Takata

Mrs Hawayo Takata

Mrs Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Mrs Phyllis Lei Furumoto

The Masters who came before us and offered us their teachings...


So what actually is reiki?

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Reiki is truly a gift that keeps on giving.  It utilises a profound energy healing system that assists in personal growth, healing, stimulation, and empowerment that will take your life to new heights.  It brings awareness to your soul’s journey, healing on all levels of consciousness, mind, body and spirit.  An awakening often occurs following attunement to Reiki, allowing an opening of love and gentleness to flow into your life. 


Often called " hands-on healing" the practitioner gently lays their hands on a person, if permission is given, who remains fully clothed and all touching is done in an ethical consciously aware way.  There is no inappropriate touching of private regions, and in fact, the whole treatment can be given "hands off" if required.


Reiki energy is then transmitted through the practitioner to the recipient.  Reiki is a pure energy consciousness that delivers what is needed, often resulting in feelings and sensations that are uplifting and cleansing, making one feel much lighter after a treatment.


Traditional Reiki is a safe, gentle, effective and holistic practice that brings joy back into one’s life.


The workshops are held in a therapeutic setting, allowing the students to experience Reiki in both the giving and receiving of energy, while under the guidance of an experienced Reiki Master. 


This is a safe practice designed to bring harmony back into one’s life and includes ongoing support through Reiki practice days and Reiki share days.  (WE HOLD REGULAR SHARE DAYS AT OUR CLINIC, TIMETABLE CAN BE OBTAINED BY ASKING)


Reiki relieves stress, promotes healing, aligns you to your higher purpose, opens you in a gentle way, explores your awareness and deepens your oneness of being.   There are many other therapeutic benefits Reiki can offer and I encourage anyone pulled towards learning Reiki to make contact and discuss the long term benefits Reiki offers.


Working closely with the original philosophy of Dr Mikao Usui, the many teachings of this healing practice deepen your experience of compassion, unconditional love and the oneness of being.


A Reiki Practitioner who studies the system of Reiki is taught methods that were developed by the founder Mikao Usui in the early 1900s that utilize ‘Reiki’ to heal the self and become whole.


Influences upon Mikao Usui (1865-1926), and consequently upon his teachings (which are known as the system of Reiki today), came from his Japanese martial arts practice, Shintoism (the traditional Japanese folk religion), Japanese Buddhism (namely Tendai), and Shugendo (a spiritual mountain practice).

Naturally, the Japanese culture and philosophy that was apparent during Mikao Usui’s lifetime was also a great influence upon what has developed as the system of Reiki.



Reiki, the word, is Japanese. It is written with two Japanese kanji, meaning ‘Spiritual Energy’.






                                         is rei (lit. Japanese) spiritual












                                         is ki (lit. Japanese) energy








Previously these two kanji have been translated as ‘Universal Energy’ (or Universal Life Force Energy) outside of Japan. This is a translation of the second kanji, ‘ki’, only. The concept of ki is naturally the energy of everything including Heaven and Earth, the entire universe.


The first kanji, ‘rei’, may have been left out of English translations due to the fact that the term ‘spiritual’ was not the focus of the modern practise.


In Chinese, the same two kanji used to represent Reiki are pronounced differently but have similar meaning. In Chinese, Reiki is called Ling chi.







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REIKI 1 - Shoden


This workshop is perfect for the beginner who is wishing to explore the divine healing qualities of the Reiki healing energy system.  In this workshop you will be attuned to this magnificent energy system, learn how to use it, bringing personal empowerment forward to enhance your health and wellbeing of your life.


Level One Reiki is traditionally used for self healing and extending that healing out to family and friends.  If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner, Level Two is recommended as a minimum requirement.


In this workshop, you will learn about the history and origins of Reiki, traditional Reiki hand positions used in a Reiki session for yourself and others and much more.  In some cases you may also practice Usui Sensei’s intuitive method of hand placement which can enhance your confidence in your intuition or inner guidance.


Reiki I Workshop Includes:


  • The Reiki Lineage to Dr Mikao Usui and The Usui Shiki Ryoho form of Reiki (Hands on healing)

  • The Reiki Principles and Ethics

  • The Meaning of Reiki and Reiki Benefits

  • The History of Reiki

  • Introduction to the emotional sources of dis-ease

  • How the chakras function with regard to healing work and everyday life

  • Hand positions for self-healing and healing others, also taking that knowledge deeper

  • Setting up sacred space for Reiki sessions, including honouring the Masters/Teachers of Reiki

  • Self care for energy healing

  • Precautions for energy healing

  • Human energy field and working with energy, including bonus healing techniques

  • Summary of Reiki for spiritual growth

  • What to expect from an attunement (during and after)

  • Reiki Level I (First degree) Attunement: 4 separate attunements which open the flow of Reiki energy within the student

  • Hands-on practice both giving and receiving Reiki

  • Self-healing techniques for expanding personal awareness and accelerating wellbeing (hands on)

  • Invitation to attend the Reiki development group, Reiki memberships, insurances & more

  • Suggested readings, follow up and ongoing support


If you are interested in learning more and not yet ready to book, please feel free to give us a call or send an email about your inquiry, as we are more than happy to discuss this with you.

A great way to learn about Reiki is to come and have a session first, to see first hand what it is all about.

You will be glad you did.


Cost for Reiki Level 1 is $375 with a $50 Deposit required

REIKI 2 - Okuden


If you are interested in taking your Reiki journey further:

          * learn about and perform distance healings on self & others

          * space clearing and protecting your space

          * continue to enhance your hands on healing work

          * be introduced to and work with three of the Reiki symbols

          * deepen our Reiki practices

          * learn about setting up a Reiki practice

          * practice Reiki on a professional level as a Reiki level two practitioner

then this workshop is for you.


In this workshop, we may also practice Usui Sensei’s intuitive method of hand placement which can enhance your confidence in your intuition or inner guidance. 

This workshop is conducted within a therapeutic setting and forms a path of spiritual development under the Reiki system.  It combines teaching, discussion, attunements, sometimes meditations, experiential practices and deepening your intuition and awareness.


There is an emphasis on practical experience throughout the workshop and it is conducted in a fun, therapeutic way.

This workshop is conducted in either small groups and/or  on a one on one basis.  Dates and times vary, so please contact for next scheduled group meetings or simply book a day with us for one on one training. This is conducted as a one day workshop.   


Pre-Requisites: REIKI LEVEL ONE – from the USUI SHIKI RYOHO healing system



 Reiki II workshop includes:

  • Review and discussion of Reiki I and any questions that may have arisen

  • Reiki Principles – taking the learning deeper

  • Introduction to the traditional and non-traditional Usui Reiki symbols

  • Exploring becoming more connected

  • Discussion on distant healing, and the importance of gaining permission

  • The exploration of Reiki symbols (their use, focus, intent), including the use of symbols for clearing

  • Learning to draw the symbols, meditating with the symbols and other practical uses

  • A short healing in preparation of receiving the next attunement

  • Reiki level II (second degree) Attunement

  • Distant healing using the Usui Reiki system

  • Self-exploration of distant healing for self, others, situations, environments, past, present and future events, resolving dynamics between people and for developing insight and understanding.

  • Cautions and ethical implications with distant healing

  • Practice assessing the energy field with Reiki scanning – developing intuitive practices using hands on healing practice

  • Looking deeper into healing Dis-Ease

  • Initial mentoring for setting up own Reiki Practice, vision for practice, insurances, memberships, professional development

  • Continued ongoing support after the workshop

  • Invitation to attend Reiki development group


The Reiki II Workshop Students can practice Reiki on a business level (if they so wish) after completion of this Reiki II Workshop.


Cost for Level 2 Reiki is $375 with a $50 Deposit required

REIKI 3 - Shinpinden


Cost for Level 3/Master Training is $1500 which includes a year of mentoring and guidance as you develop in your Reiki Journey



If you are interested in taking your Reiki journey further:


Reiki III or Master Level is the third and highest level in Reiki. The teaching of this practice addresses the process of spiritual growth and development and can take several years of experience before one can expect to be initiated as a Master into this Japanese healing art.


Master level teaches us about the 4 Aspects and 9 Elements of the Usui Shiki Ryoho healing system and includes philosophy of healing, mentoring, wholeness and integration into our way of life, bringing the Reiki principles to the fore.


          * You will receive a final Reiki Attunement and learn to work with the fourth symbol, the Master Symbol.

          * You will be able to teach and initiate others into this Reiki healing system and be shown comprehensively how to attune others               and pass attunements.


Receiving your Master Status is the final degree in Reiki. Although it really is still the beginning of your own personal journey with Reiki, one that will bring you a deeper knowledge and understanding of who you are and the skills to bring about change in your own life and the lives of others. The amount of energy you channel with Reiki III becomes much stronger as it does with each level of attunement.


This course is suited to those who wish to continue using Reiki for their own personal growth and healing journey, and/or to practice Reiki on a business level.


This workshop is conducted only on a one on one basis.  Pre-training is often necessary and is based on the individuals current working knowledge of Reiki, so will be conducted over the course of a predetermined time, as discussed with the recipient, being finalised as a one day workshop at the end of pre-training.  


Pre-Requisites:  REIKI LEVEL ONE & TWO – from the USUI SHIKI RYOHO healing system, practiced professionally and regularly. 

Cost varies, based on Pre-training needs.


Course Outline:

  • Individual Pre-Training (by appointment)

  • Revise the teachings of Reiki I & II  (History, lineage, hand positions, distant healing, symbols and the spiritual aspects of Reiki) and ensure a good working knowledge of these

  • Traditional teachings and practices of Reiki III (Master) including learning the 4 Aspects and 9 Elements of Reiki, the concepts of this work and a commitment to the practice of Reiki in daily life

  • Introduced to the usage and application of the Master Symbol

  • Learn about some of the non-traditional symbols used in Reiki

  • Receive the sacred Master Attunement

  • Instruction and practice on how to give Reiki attunements for all levels of Reiki;  I, II and III

  • Develop concise understanding and confidence in facilitation of the three levels of attunement

  • Learn about the importance of ongoing self healing practices on a daily basis

  • Find the teacher within and ways to develop your own unique teaching style, building your confidence

  • Receive and work with your Reiki Master Manual

  • Certification and lineage to USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki healing system by Dr Mikao Usui

  • Information on joining a professional Reiki Association and details on insurance/legislation requirements, First Aid and ongoing professional development requirements

  • Alignment with Reiki Australia’s Vision, Values & Mission Statements in one’s own practice.

  • Working with and developing your intuition

  • Ongoing support as required


Most people feel guided to become a Reiki Master and will instinctively know when the time is right.



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Divine Essence Therapies

Be Happy, Feel Joy, Have Freedom, Experience Love, Be at Peace

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