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  • How do I book an appointment if you are busy with someone else and I need to know now if you can do that time?
    Simply go to our website and chose the type of appointment your would like, and then the date and time. If it is free, it will show as available, just click then on this time and Presto, you are booked!
  • What happens if I get to the clinic and the door is closed?
    This means I am just finishing up with someone and will be available shortly. If you have just come to the store without an appointment, usually I will be free in a little while and you are welcome to wait at our neighbours place (Amandas house of hair) or outside on the provided seat.
  • Can I claim through my health fund for services provided?
    That's a great question! Sadly however, the current situation with our Government does not recognise alternative therapies in their registry for claimable services in general. However, please speak to your health fund and see if treatments such as Reiki are claimable, if they are, I am happy to give you a receipt for services provided. Please note, we are regularly campaigning to have this changed, so always ask. Thank you.
  • Do you have disabled access?
    Yes, both our clinic and bathroom facilities are suitable for disabled access.
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*Look for Me as Guest Speaker at Alternative Healing Summit
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