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REIKI Share Day FUN !

Hello lovely Reiki Peeps out there... we are creating some wonderful opportunities to come along and enjoy sharing Reiki with like minded individuals. There is lots of giving and receiving Reiki, in a warm and comforting environment. (This is for Reiki Attuned people only... however do enquire if you are interested in becoming attuned, as we are a certified training clinic)

All levels of Reiki are welcome, and if it has been a while since you worked with this energy, that is ok too... If you are meant to be here, you will feel pulled to be part of the time.

This will be a monthly event and the first few days are set already, see the event calendar below.

First up is Sunday 28th April from 9am to 3.00pm

It is a shared lunch, so please bring something along to share. We only have a microwave for heating at this point though, so bear that in mind with any of your cooking.

Cost is $12 and bookings can be made online at

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you.

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