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Something old turned into something new!

Hello and welcome to my space in which I share with you what is happening at Divine Essence Therapies and Healing Wings of Light. #new

Well first of all, WE HAVE A NEW PREMISES! I am so excited to be sharing that with you all !!! #happy #excited #opportunity #newpremises

After something like 16 years of a home based practice, it is time for me to move into my own clinic, up onto Tamborine Mountain, where I can offer a number of great services, along with guest speakers, regular events and practices, such as Meditation, plus, if that wasn't already enough, a wonderful gift shop full of lovely things, that will be updated and changed regularly, as my philosophy is to see things grow and change with you. #guestspeaker #meditation #events #clinic

Keep posted with me here, as I will be putting up info regarding events and speakers and new items into the store, plus any other cool bit of info I think you might enjoy... stay tuned and look forward to speaking with you soon. #shop #gifts



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*Look for Me as Guest Speaker at Alternative Healing Summit
June 25th to 28th   Frances Munro
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