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This 56min meditation is to help you bring awareness to your space around you, then back into your body, grounding you, allowing your soul, body and mind to become one... techniques are included to assist with this, along with a beautiful nurturing connection with mother earth, reclaiming your place here by belonging and being held in the nurturing essence the earth brings.  Opening your heart and light and coming home again.  

These audios are voice only.  There is no music, so please enjoy as they are or simply put music quietly on in the background to take more deeply.  You will notice on my news page there are some youtube music files that are free to enjoy while listening to this meditation.

These meditations were recorded from the  zoom meditaiton meetings during the COVID-19 lockdown 2020, so there will be some references in the beginning to turning off microphones etc.

Thank you.

Meditation Aligning body, soul, mind oneness and mother earth connections

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Divine Essence Therapies

Be Happy, Feel Joy, Have Freedom, Experience Love, Be at Peace

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