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This beautiful healing meditation will help lift heaviness and shift emotional pain through working with the Angels in the Divine Realm, and help from your guardian Angel as well.  Very uplifting beautiful, clearing out, gentle, loving experience.  

Meditation into the Angelic Healing Rooms

  • This meditation is a special healing meditation brought to you through the Angelic connection and healing room Angels, especially for your benefit, to work with these beautiful divine Angels to create healing and restoratio in your being.

  • Musical Rapture is the background music, a free gift to humanity (you can find this on YouTube) this beautiful Celestial Music from Joao Cota-Robles through Frederick Delarue

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Divine Essence Therapies

Be Happy, Feel Joy, Have Freedom, Experience Love, Be at Peace

*Look for Me as Guest Speaker at Alternative Healing Summit
June 25th to 28th   Frances Munro
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