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7 Tips to boost your meditation practice

1. Eat good, fresh, live food, full of vitality. Try to reduce things like; Caffeine, processed foods, the bad fats, citrus, alcohol, spicy, dairy and stodgy foods that make it un-comfy to sit for a while. Simple is best. The body is your temple and we should treat it as a sacred place, so choose to fill it with only good things. Honour it with healthy options wherever possible. Give it the best resources available to you. Just imagine how fabulous it will feel. This then allows the body all that it needs to help you transform you life with your holistic practices such as meditation.

2. Drink lots of fresh water. Your body needs this to allow the energy to flow more freely in your system, hydrate your cells and clear away any toxins.

3. Make time for yourself regularly. A dedicated time each day for your own use is a great way to become more self aware of what is needed within you. Listen deeply to your body wisdom and inner knowing... the more your practice self awareness, the more in tune to your needs and life you become.

4. Listen to soothing music that allows you to drift away with your thoughts and surrender any stress, worry or concern. Let the music take you on a journey. You may even wish to allow your body movement to gently dance the rhythm of such sounds... really allowing the surrender and letting go to become deeper and more peaceful within you. Ahhh blissful

5. Walk in nature, breath in the fresh air, recharge and relax more. A walking meditation consists simple of being in that moment and walking mindfully in the grace of nature. It's amazing how much nature is our great healer. More connection to our great mother Gaia is always going to bring more peace to your life. More connection. More of the good things in. Surrender to the sound of the trees on the breeze... float away on the clouds.... swim in the clear blue waters.... eat from her bountiful store..... so much to love here. :-)

6. Create a sacred space at home... a place in which you can relax and be undisturbed from others in your home. make this especially comfy. Perhaps light candles, or incense, have your music playing and have cosy blankets or cushions to have tactile stress reducing time with. Who doesn't love a nice blanket to curl up in and just relax.

7. Practice mindfulness in daily chores... become present to the moment you are in... even the most ordinary of chores like doing the dishes can be a peaceful moment of your day. Explore how this could be applied to your world. Enjoy.

The added benefit of all this ....Your sleep patterns will become easier and more restful the more your bring good practices into your life. Peace will be yours.

Happy days!

Blessings to all xx

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