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Tamborine Bulletin Column - January 2024 Washing away "the blues"

Many of us go through times of stress, worry, anxiety or are depressed with “the blues”.

More often than not, we also don’t seek help when we need it.  That being said, perhaps the lack of motivation to help oneself could be called one of the symptoms of this, uninspired to change can be a difficult place, as we have to find a way to step back into life again. 

One of the ways to shift the focus is to start a gratitude journal, a daily activity to be grateful for anything in your life – even the most smallest of things, like, I am grateful I can read and/or write – I  am grateful I have eyes…  Start simple and obvious…. Then build from there.

Now, if you do this daily, even starting very small, it will become easier to open more to life again as you start to see more positives around you.

Another way is using tools such as Ho’oponopono (The ancient Hawaiian prayer I have written about previously in this magazine) 

And a third way, is to open the door to that inner self, who is struggling and start a dialogue with them – a kind, gentle dialogue… often incorporating self love and care actions such as hugging yourself.  There is so much more beyond this that can also assist – yet what I do know is “the blues” can be shifted and very soon – with a few actioned step, you can feel good again.

Remember, the sun is always up in the sky, even when there are clouds… we just have to move beyond the clouds to see the sun again… and it always will be shining brightly for you.

And if no one has told your lately… I believe in you!

Namaste, Frances

Divine Essence Therapies.

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