WORKSHOP Clearing & Empowerment, the way to peace

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

We are offering a fabulous one day workshop that has two dynamic parts to it;

Part One: Clearing your Space

Part Two: Empowerment of self

As we explore these two aspects, there will be practical exercises, interactive activities and take home information to help you stay in your power and remain crystal clear in your energy.

What are the benefits you ask... simple:

· Maintains our mental clarity

· Raises our energy and maintains this

· Clears energy drains

· Provides personal ‘space’ in which to discern appropriate action

· Helpful with addictions, fears, overwhelm, sluggishness

· Has a centring, grounding effect - also nurturing and comforting

· Helps when mind is feeling overactive or unsettled

· Helpful when dealing with stressful situations or overwhelming emotions

· Helps clear and balance your energy

· Assists with the clearing out of the energy of others or of situations we don’t wish to be attached to anymore

· Useful if we have just experienced something upsetting or painful

· Helps to release all that isn’t ours

and of course, EMPOWER OURSELVES!

Energy Exchange: $130

Date: Sunday 5th May 2019 Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm

Where: Here at Divine Essence Therapies, Shop 2 #15 Main Western Rd North Tamborine, QLD, 4272

Bookings Online or in person.


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