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Know you are love....

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Jai-Jagdeesh - In Dreams 432Hz ( Beautiful and inspiring song of Jai-Jagdeesh, called: In Dreams. Tuned in 432Hz - the frequency of love, harmony and unity.


Know you are loved Rest in peace Dream your sweet dreams "Til your soul is released Beloved Child My heart is yours Beloved Child Go out and open doors With your love With your faith With your compassion With your grace Oh, with your grace Beloved Child You are the light of the world Beloved Child Go out, spread light to the world Be strong, be kind, be brave Know your mind know that you're are divine Know that it's alright to be afraid Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das

For those that may be interested... Jai-Jagdeesh is coming to Australia in October... Kundalini Yoga Festival ... find her website online for details. xx


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