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Letting go of attachment

The three Buddhist marks of existence

Anicca belongs to a trinity that makes up the core teachings of Buddhism. As with most Buddhist teachings, the concept is simple and profound in equal measure. The three marks of existence refer to the characteristics which apply to the natural order of things. Three universal truths, if you like.

Dukkha (suffering)

Also translated as “pain, “unsatisfactoriness, or “stress,the teaching here is simple. For us, change brings a feeling of being unsatisfied. The only way to free oneself from the pain of holding onto permanence is to fully accept the absolute inevitability of continual change.

Anicca (impermanence)

Whilst the word “Nicca” refers to the notion of permanence and continuity, “Anicca” refers to its opposite: the absence of the two. Simply put, nothing is permanent and all things change.

Anatta (selflessness)

There is no unchanging permanent self—no inherent “I” or “me.” There is no independent existence.

In a nutshell

We experience life through perception, senses, and form (the body, its senses, “stuff”), and through consciousness. And so we cling to things—and experience suffering as a direct result.

So understanding Dukkha, Anicca, and Anatta are steps in the Buddhist’s spiritual path toward enlightenment. If you’re not quite aiming for enlightenment, then how about simply shooting for a significant improvement in your levels of happiness?

We are human beings, not human doings.

Additionally, our "doing" all the time is linked to so many thoughts, beliefs and teachings from our field of reference, childhood upwards... and in this, we learn not to be still, and to attach to things... often in fear of loss or change. For us to fully embrace life, is to live each moment as it is. Being as is. Recognising the stream/river of life is designed to move and flow to the next aspect of life. There is nothing that needs to remain and nothing that needs to be attained... it all just is now, this moment. Flowing.

Enjoy your exploration of this aspect and you will find suffering ends. Namaste

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Lori Burton
Lori Burton
Sep 26, 2021

Thankks for sharing this

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