Reorientate back to what is true - step into my world, as I step into yours

Today's meditation highlighted some wonderful things. That each person we interact with steps into our world, and us into theirs. The more we create an amazing life for ourselves, the more that ripples out to others to potentiate their own amazing world, through the power of connection and seeing what is possible, just by being in the frequency of this happiness.

Being aware of these things can encourage us all to step into positive experiences more readily and create them for ourselves. We become a mighty ripple then as these energy grows and radiates out.

When we reorientate ourselves back to what is true, true for us, true for our life, true in our wholeness of self, we find we are back in alignment to our higher purpose and path, no distractions. It feels good then to be as intended, and you are intended! Not a single part of you is unintended. xxx


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