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Tamborine Bulletin Column August 2022 Weed and Seed Mind's perspective.... what seeds will you sow?

Happiness dwells within, often hidden under the layers of experiences and our perspective on life, yet it is always there.

What we make an event, or something mean, is a personal perspective, based on the filters and the lens we look at life through, and one in which we shape our day-to-day experiences from.

For us to experience a livelier, happier, joyful existence, we must filter those personalisation’s to a new perspective. You see, our mind references the past, and those beliefs set up at that time, and these old references become our reality now. This of course is why we may stay stuck in repetitive patterns, negative mindsets and beliefs that keep us limited and closed.

It would be safe to say, that nearly all our old thoughts and beliefs are inherited patterns and imprints of our parents, teachers, family, community, and ancestors… some of which date back well beyond our lifetime experience.

The good news is, we can update this, we basically can weed the garden of our old thoughts and beliefs from the past, and plant the new seeds, cultivating updated thinking, to look at things through a different lens, that helps us move forward. Ask yourself, why is the old view still relevant to me today? Do we not owe it to ourselves to REVIEW this and re-evaluate its truth for now?

There is a potential for a new view, a new experience, as we plant the seed for a new day… as we clear out the old and live from the truth of today. There are no stories in the present, that is why it is a gift. There are many ways to dismantle the pasts influences, and many ways to plant the seeds to grow. What sort of seeds will you sow?



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