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Tamborine Bulletin Column August 2023 - Importance of building friends & self fulfilling prophecies

Too often in my work I come across a regular problem, and that is one of people feeling lonely, or not having any real friends. This fundamentally comes back to a belief system about themselves and/or others, which creates an idea of separation/separateness in the world, thus creating experiences that reflect that belief…. So in essence, a self-fulfilling prophecy of their current situation.

Simply put, you believe that the future event will be a certain way, so thus creates as such…. However, the expectation on outcomes are in fact something we can change… by changing how we think about them. That’s the truth.

We all have a choice on what we believe and can change our beliefs, thoughts and actions, by choosing to see ourselves, and in turn, others, in a new light.

People all want the same things in general, to feel safe, to feel loved, to feel valued, to be heard, wanted and cared about… so, to matter to some one! Then to have fun, adventures and so forth together, to have shared experiences that are positive memory making ones.

Now if we are all feeling these things, deep down, then we all can create a connection, to ourselves, to each other, to source (God, universal life force energy, or whatever version you believe in), to your community and to your family.

Friendships are something you can grow and create by being part of something. You have to make an effort to join in. Share yourself, your likes, dislikes and passions, dreams and experiences, so that you can develop better connections with others. You are more interesting than you know.

Join a group. Go out more and socialise. Even if it’s a small conversation with the checkout operator in the supermarket, ask some questions, change the situation by choosing to try different things.

Most of all, show up for your life and make it count. You are worth it!

Namaste, Frances

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