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Tamborine Bulletin Column February 2023 - Perspective & Resourcing Life

Each time I get to sit down and have a chat to someone regarding their current circumstances, we often move to the topic of perspective. How we see our life and all too often a limiting belief associated with this.

When we have a toolbox to use, to change, undo or clear a limiting belief, it can be surprising how different that original circumstance looks.

We have the capacity to change the way we look at things and in doing so, change the energy and feelings associated with it.

Furthermore, we can resource that time in our life with more tools to empower that younger self and bring an awareness to how we can perhaps manage the same situation differently.

The good news is, as our perspectives start to change and shift to a more positive one, we can then start to tackle life from a different place.

We build on this newfound perspective and offer ourselves a greater chance for change. Afterall, most of us get stuck, numb or contracted when we don’t have the perspective that we can resource that part of ourself, however, when we do see this opportunity to change, we are more inspired and shift forward.

So, what is a resource you might ask? These can be found in many ways, such as nature, ancestors, family, relationships, community, animals, belief systems, religion, deities, saints, inspirational people, history, anything that shows endless possibilities… of course feelings such as connection, honouring, acceptance, compassion, kindness and love… yet it does not stop there….

Recovering thought to be lost feelings such as bravery, courage and self trust, self worth, self love, etc… All of the things that help us resource our lives to fulfil what we came here to do, which is to live with purpose and be happy. There are even further resources we can add too… yet I am sure you get the idea of what I am sharing here… we can overcome our past difficulties and current circumstance so that it no longer dictates who you think you are and where you came from. That perspective is not what defines you… you define you and that can change moment to moment.

So, if you are looking to changing your perspective, resource your life to build a happier future, know that there is definitely a pathway to this change. It is all possible, and that is the good news.

Take care and in case no one has told you today, I believe in you.

Warmly, Namaste, Frances

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