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Tamborine Bulletin Column July 2022 - Resetting our mind set each day.

“Today is a brand new, never seen before day, what will you do with it?” I just love this statement, as it reminds me, no matter what I have endured, yesterday and before, today, I can reset my mindset to something more positive and inspired.

Happy habits that encourage us to shine are one of the ways to greater fulfillment.

One of my ways is a list I keep on my wall, to inspire me with joyful things I like to do and places that I enjoy going, this gets me motivated when I am feeling flat or tired. It keeps the creativity alive, while giving me good encouragement to create my day any way I like. It is amazing we forget this simplicity, that we create our day from the moment we awaken, to each choice we make thereafter. Positivity is a choice. Happiness we can also choose. Our thoughts can be upgraded to more kinder ones. We can be encumbered by a situation we are in, or not buy into the drama or chaos of it. Every little choice takes us closer to something greater or something less. I like to choose the positive, the things that expand my world, not contract it.

For me, this can be as simple as asking a question or two; Is this for me? Does this bring me good vibes? Does this make me happy? And so forth… taking the time to be mindful about how things affect us can be a gamechanger! When we ask ourselves mindfully about each choice, we can easily navigate a gentler path this way. We all have a chance at a good and happy day, today… What will you choose with your brand-new never seen before day?




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