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Tamborine Bulletin Column June 2023 - Life is a Mosaic

A long time ago, during a difficult period in my life, where I was healing from some old traumas, and feeling very low, I had been focused on the negative more than the positive. However, once I pulled that view back to an overview of all things, I could see that everything in life is a mosaic of experiences, memories, and emotions, all interwoven to create the tapestry of our existence… each colour in that mosaic a representation of every moment we experience, every person we meet, every challenge we face. The colours themselves all make up the intricate pattern of our lives, with many small pieces, all connected, coming together to create the whole.

During difficult times, we sometimes forget that we are not just one colour or one piece in this equation, that far too often we put ourselves into a box with a label that sometimes reads “broken” or worse, yet this is not really the case. Sure, sometimes those pieces of our mosaic may not fit together seamlessly, where we encounter difficult circumstances or painful experiences that leave us feeling depleted, broken or incomplete, but just as a mosaic artist can use small pieces of broken glass or tile to create a beautiful image, so too can we use our past struggles and challenges to create something meaningful and whole. We then see, life has beauty also.

Healing, by acknowledging our pain and working to understand its roots, helps us piece together those fragments of ourselves and create a more cohesive and authentic self. Although the process of healing can be challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding, as it transforms into something beautiful and meaningful. When we embrace the diversity and complexity of our experiences, the mosaic of life becomes a reflection of fullness, purpose and meaning. We also develop a greater sense of compassion and empathy for others.

All polarities exist in life, good and bad. So, if you are ever feeling down, just remember that we are all part of life’s mosaic masterpiece, and the sunny stuff is here as well.

And if no-one has told you lately, “I believe in you”. Namaste, Frances

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