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Tamborine Bulletin Column May 2023 - The secret to staying positive

In creating a positive mindset for wellbeing, we need to become aware of what we let into our lives, and the field around us. Whether we realise it or not, it all affects us. Good positive things raise our vibration and make us feel open, happy and relaxed. Not so positive things create the opposite. What we focus on, is what then is created, by bringing it into our awareness and energy field, which we then react to. So, if you are having a bad day…. First start to see what is influencing this around you, and where possible, disconnect and let that go.

We can have feelings of overwhelm, or get angry for no apparent reason, or perhaps sad, grumpy, irritable and so forth… what we don’t realise is this perhaps is not even our stuff… it is just stuff that comes through the field from others around us. It impacts our daily lives and impacts our sensitive nature. We may block it to some extent but inevitably it gets into our inner sanctum and creates chaos.

Being aware of this is what helps us stay positive and gives us a great reason to stay focused on positive influences, thus keeping our energy high and vibrant. This also magnetises more goodness our way too. So win win.

One of the problems with life today is that we are surrounded by a multitude of information, news, events, access to the majority of worldwide stories, plus our daily interactions with others… all of which creates lots of ambient energy around and upon us and is part of the collective energy. This ambient energy reacts with our field and can influence our happiness greatly.

The secret is to balance the negative out with positive, thus creating a polarity of both, as in reality, both exist. This keeps us on a more even keel with life.

So, if you want a more peaceful happy life, limit the negative influences! Focus more on the positive ones. Do you best to try not to live in another person’s chaos and drama. Instead, do uplifting things, visit positive friends, engage in light-hearted entertainment, see the beauty around you, live in gratitude for what is good in your world. There’s plenty you can see and do here!

And if no-one has told you today, I believe in you!

Namaste, Frances

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