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Tamborine Bulletin Column - November 2023 Flowing with the River of Life

If I were to ask you, do you surrender into life?  What would you respond?  Surrender is about accepting that life has its ebbs and flows… the tide comes in, the tide goes out, but it always comes in again.  Life takes us on a journey, that if we allow the discovery, the mystery, to unfold around us, we can live a full and interesting life.  However, if we cling onto the past, hold ourselves back, in fear of the unknown, we are keeping ourselves from a greater secret of the universe, and that is found when one allows flow and succeeds at letting go of control.

The letting go can transform fear and disappointment, into trust and hope.  The surrendering of control allows us to experience the love and wisdom of the universe.

We are so conditioned to planning, strategizing, creating contingency plans and working from this mindset, that we no-longer experience life as a fully living experience, that from one moment to the next, brings new experiences and aliveness.

We have to learn that we cannot control everything, and that is ok.  When we can move past the fear,  what is found, lays a peace that is impossible to disrupt. 

So, if you want to have a deeper connection with your life, start by losing the agendas, the expectations on outcomes, release the control over everything, and simply let go into the flow. 

It is actually easier to move through life this way as well.  Everything moves together and is no longer hindered by the construct of control.  The good old saying; Go with the Flow, is aptly a wonderful way to live life.

Peace be with you, and if I haven’t told you lately, I believe in you!  Namaste, Frances

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