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The Hierarchy of Needs... lets get this sorted!

The Number one reason why our world feels so different right now....

Our Hierarchy of Needs have shifted...

Everything we thought was OK in our life, just got challenged.

Suddenly we became aware of our fundamental needs and everything else just got put on hold.

So the number one reason is "safety" followed by "love and belonging"

See Maslow's Hierarchy of needs diagram to help you make sense of the WHY we feel so challenged at the moment...

Our sense of safety has been directly challenged, whether it is your job, your health, your connections in family and community, everything that makes us feel "safe" has been challenged by this world situation.

Everyone has basic needs, starting at the bottom of this diagram... when those needs get met, we can easily move up to the next line and so forth.

For all of those that are on the path to self actualization, please don't fret... because this understanding will help you stablise what is going on... and we can then resource those parts that need resourcing, and meet those parts that need something more, because once we know what we are looking for, it is easier to navigate the pathway back to your fullest potential.

I have loads of resources that will help you with any step towards this, and starting with a discovery session might reveal the answers you need for yours next big shift or step.

We can all return to feeling safe and secure, connected and well resourced... to live our full potential, and self actualization is then possible once more.

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